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Games Like Diablo III - Diablo 3 Killer

Games Like Diablo 3

1 Path of Exile Path of Exile The experience is similar to D2 but with more sophisticated design and cutting edge skill inventions. Visit the official Path of Exile web site. Claim the perfect character name now when it's still available!

Path of Exile Beta Screenshots

Game Qualities
  • Huge number of skills and intuitive combat system
  • Levels randomly generated
  • 3D world seen from fixed angle view
  • Will always remain free to play

Gameplay Video

Path of Exile Review

There are a lot of dark fantasy RPG "knock offs" of Diablo III currently making the rounds. Some really terrible wastes of time are being dumped on the unsuspecting public. Luckily, Path Of Exile, which is a new single or multi-player RPG from Grinding Gear, is not one of them. It's true that Path Of Exile does tend to follow the template laid down by Diablo III and other similar dark fantasy RPG's, but it manages to possess just enough of a unique character and individual nature to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Path Of Exile is currently being developed and staffed as a free online game, and is being tested in a beta version. Even though not yet at full strength, it is already good enough to pique our curiosity. We found the game's graphic design and sound effects to be of excellent, top class, quality, and its overall presentation and execution were fantastic as well. The game's presentation and layout kept our interest throughout, and the characters and levels were very well conceived, developed, and executed.

It should be noted that Path Of Exile's skill tree is one of the most complex and cumbersome that we have yet encountered on an RPG, which may irritate some players with shorter attention spans, but which will undoubtedly delight other players who prefer their fantasy worlds to come with as much detail and complexity as possible. There are currently six different classes of character, and more are to be revealed as the game develops and expands. Those of you who are looking for an action packed, finely detailed, fantasy RPG for single or multiple players are well advised to keep an eye out for Path Of Exile. It promises to be one of this year's hottest new RPG's.